ABC Naples 2023

Social Program


We are planning a friendly and informal pizza get-together on Thursday 12th January,  in the immediate surroundings of the conference venue. We plan to meet participants at 8.30 pm. We guarantee on the outstanding quality and taste of our world-famous Neapolitan pizza!


Conference Social Dinner is scheduled for Friday 13th January at 8.30 pm at restaurant REGINA MARGHERITA, Via Partenope 36 (1 min. walk from conference venue). Details on the dinner fee can be found in the registration process.  


The conference organizing Committee welcomes participants to the free tour of the historical city center of Naples.  The tour is intended, first of all, to show you a small part of the vast arts heritage of Naples, unique masterpieces and fascinating stories. But also, we will try to give you the possibility to blend in with the locals, with their traditions, food, habits, culture and daily life. We have hired some professional tour guides to accompany you in this adventure!  


9.00 Via Toledo (meeting point)  

9.30 Piazza del Gesù and Chiostro di Santa Chiara 

10.30 Piazza San Domenico – “Sfogliatella and Neapolitan coffee “ yummy break  

11.00 Cappella Sansevero and Cristo Velato 

12.30 Neapolitan street food break  

13.30 San Gregorio Armeno (the nativity alley)  

15.00 Duomo  

16.30 Back to via Toledo